Just found this little video with Reeps one, showing his artistic side..
Watching him perform a last minute set at a SECRET WALLS battle in Islington was pretty inspiring. In terms of beatboxing, some argue he is one of the most gifted in the UK. I was able to speak with him after the show and he told me about up and coming shows and so on, he was a very sound guy. His style of beatboxing is totally relentless. His build ups are very intense, and he broke down into some unexpected basslines with noises and clicks that are difficult to get your head round (He revealed to me he could do circular breathing, and i imagine this helps..). Apart from his confidence in rhythm, timing and sound, he really made an effort to get the crowd involved and put on a show.

Never realised he doubled up as an artist too!

Reeps one @ CASS art Secret walls event 

Spraying Bricks video, showing Reeps artistic side..