Graffiti is all about letters. Dems, part of the Ultra Boys crew from Spain, is a lettering fiend. His robotic arm brings his sketches to life on scales that are sometimes unbelievable. Crisp, clean and straight lines are central to his style.

(Graff test dummy) Dems and Satone
Dems, Pantone and Sozy
Bold, bright and shocking colours, mixed with broad striking outlines make Dems' pieces come off the wall. Often countering red or blue outlines with starck white fills, the consistent coverage of paint in his pieces are key to making them seem inhuman. 

Like many writers, Dems has carfully balanced painting walls, both legal and naughty, with a more traditional approach: Screenprints. Avaliable from 'Ink and Movement', these screenprints are of impeccable quality and mirror his outdoor work well.

Dems, or Javi, has also ventured into the world of 3D graffiti. At his most recent exhibition at Veneno44 (Iam), a large jet black recreation of his letters in 3D really caught my attention. In a similiar piece somewhere else, he has also rendered his letters in 3D, but this time in white.

Keep up to date with Dems 333 on his blog.
and Check out some of his prints on Ink and Movement Gallery