Merkin it...

Once again, the Oxford duo seem to be coming out on top with a tune that takes on some deeper issues.. Really crispy beat, nice editing... there is a confident and expressive style being born here, tied up in a true knowledge of rap music.. it allows a fluency develop. Congratulations on the video as well, Prospect media. 
Listen, share and believe, cos you all gotta know!

"Beatuy" by the Book Thieves
 for the upcoming new EP "Why Do We Do This Everyday?"

Produced by: Apophis!
Visuals and Editing: Prospect Media

Talking of music...be sure to check:

SATURDAYS @ 12.00am-02.00am

Oxford is making history with this nice and proper radio station..
and my man Terao Hedges And Luca Styles have a slot on saturday night:

It's even got an online pop up window, so no excuses..
Heres the link: POP UP RADIO