I can't contain it anymore, BOOM. There you go, Horphe. Big walls, crazy ideas, mad freedom.
His style represents the best type of graffiti, the one where you can relax. Horfe's work isnt jacked up like many other writers who are so scared to be a bit loose. There ain't no medallions, dollar signs and that, just pure crazyness. Tyres, pipes, drips, mess, rubbish and other general sickness. 

"Back 2 the 80's"


Pipes and stuff

When I first saw Horphe's laid back, surreal and wacky style I thought it was annoying. I didnt like the loose sloppy tags, the strange unfamiliar shapes and the weird objects involved.

Some more mad 80's gunk

2 Skulls

Now when I look at it, I realise that the reason he is so good is because he doesn't give a shit.
He isnt like most other writers in that way.

Doorway to hell


Spiders and squirts

From what I've noticed with a lot of writers, they have certain standards.
They have a fear of what people will think if they drew a face, or stopped drawing the same letter shape every time. Even when I paint, I have these restrictions in my head.
But Horfe seems to ignore these 'invisible' standards, and essentially do whatever feels good.

Personal Favourite, Hose pipes and robots

The production line (dogged)


Fuck it lets get some squirts, skulls, eyes, stairs, doors, helicopters and other shit in.
Fuck the standard shapes, fuck the same bubbles and drips. Fuck the standard handstyle. (I am guilty too)

The mind factory

Big, bold and crazy

I've only given them names because that's what people are used to. In galleries everything has to have a name, even if it is "Untitled". What a waste of ink. All images taken from Streetfiles.

More posts on Horfe to follow